General Behavioural Assessments

General Behavioural Assessment

SalesMatch is an intelligent web based behavioural assessment platform. It is based on the well known, tried and tested DISC psychometric theory, used by thousands of organisations round the world. The General Report is designed to look at a persons Natural, Modified and Core behaviours. The SalesMatch General Report is not function specific and can be applied to any job role including senior executive roles.

The Natural Profile Character Traits are displayed using the Sten scoring system. Scores in the range of 4, 5, 6 and 7 are considered to be in the average range. Higher and lower scores suggest stronger and weaker traits.

Incorporating “Homeworking Character Traits” Section
During these challenging and difficult times with Covid-19, transferring your workforce to homeworking can generate a range of challenges for both employees and employers. Our General Behavioural Assessment shows how “one size doesn’t fit all” and how generating a plan to support the behavioural character traits of the team can reduce stress and improve the chance of success.

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