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SalesMatch is an intelligent web based sales and contact centre behavioural assessment platform. It is based on the well known, tried and tested DISC psychometric theory, used by thousands of organisations round the world. SalesMatch is designed and priced to be used at the beginning of the sales recruitment processes, saving you valuable time.

Why is profiling so important when selecting a new salesperson?

The core objective for any Senior Sales Manager is to understand why certain salespeople act and respond differently in a sales environment. Every Sales Manager understands the concept of “Hunter” and “Farmer” - which is a basic form of profiling.

The variation if correctly identified, answer why sales person “A” is good at getting new business, but bad at maintaining customer relationships, and why sales person “B” is excellent at producing and delivering a strong technical presentation to a board of directors.

The SalesMatch Experience

The SalesMatch management team fully understand your requirements and have no shortage of industry experience. The directors have a strong sales, contact centre and senior management background, covering some 50 years between them.

It is the sales experience in successfully managing and training sales teams that has shaped the SalesMatch proposition to meet todays business requirements.