Behavioural Profiling
SalesMatch identifies 4 key elements that form the basis of any sales role:
A character profile is not confined to these four elements, but they do provide objective recruitment selection criteria as opposed to traditional CV. Two additional elements are ‘Intellect’ and ‘Desire’ - both of which can be assessed with the right interview and assessment techniques.
SalesMatch Sales Behavioural Reports:
Helps you identify the Hunter from Farmer in the sales interview
Reduces sales force turnover, by identifying the candidates that are most likely to succeed
Improves sales results by selecting a candidate with a close behavioural match to the sales role.
Can be used to benchmark your existing sales team, to identify the right character profile
Assist Managers in management & motivation of individuals
SalesMatch Contact Centre Behavioural Reports:
Reduce Agent Churn   = By selecting the right agent for the role
Increase Performance = By matching the character profile to the task
Reduce Time Off         = Matching a profile to the role reduces stress