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Sales Team Psychometric Assessments

Harness the power of SalesMatch psychometric assessments platform to hire the best candidates, discover who has natural aptitudes to cultivate new business and who’s skills are best suited to nurture current clients.


Contact Centre Psychometric Assessments

Turnover of contact centre staff does not have to be so high.  SalesMatch’s unique assessments, companies can determine whether a candidate has the right traits to build a successful career as a contact center employee.

SalesMatch psychometric assessments enable you to transform your hiring process

Harness data from SalesMatch behavioural assessments to see employee retention boosted, higher performing teams built and employee turnover reduced


Recruit the right candidate


Increase your company profits


Improve team engagement and morale


Recruit the right candidate


Reduce company hiring fees


Identify areas for improvement and increase leadership opportunities


Recruit the right candidate


Reduce company hiring fees

We are now making much stronger and confident recruitment decisions, and the feedback from our brokers has been overwhelmingly positive. Several groups have now fully
integrated the assessment into their recruitment and staff development programs and are continuing to report excellent outcomes.

Gingkai Tan

GM Sales, Marketing & Distribution, Connective Broker Services Australia

SalesMatch profiling is an important part of our recruitment process. We love the fact it identifies strenghths and weaknesses and can bring awareness of any challenges and issues that may arise based on a team member’s profile.

I would highly recommend to other companies.

Davide Laycock

Managing Director, Ewemove Ltd

How can your company utilise SalesMatch behavioural assessments?

We understand that hiring a new employee or deciding when to promote a current one is a big decision. Since you’re investing valuable time, money, and resources, you want to make sure you get it right the first time… but how can you truly know how a candidate will perform until they’re actually in the role?



Find out if a candidate is a good fit for your company culture with the use of in-depth psychometric data.

Eliminate guesswork from the hiring process by using SalesMatch assessments to gain valuable knowledge of a candidate’s natural character traits – which is impossible to ascertain from a CV.

Retention and development

As well as gaining a fundamental insight during the recruitment process, SalesMatch psychometric assessments are also used to help retain and develop current employees further down the line.

Build your team’s morale and productivity and help individual sales staff reach their full potential.

How do SalesMatch psychometric assessments work? 

Choose a pay as you go or annual contract

Customer receives a unique client code link


The Questionnaire is completed

Within second the report is automatically generated

Evaluate report or book a consultation to discuss further

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With many years industry experience, we understand your hiring needs and have solutions to not only hire the best talent but to retain them too.

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