Contact Centre Psychometric Assessments

Why use SalesMatch psychometric assessments for your next contact centre hire?

Putting the right person in the job role has become the key focus in the drive to improve contact centre revenue and efficiency.

The SalesMatch Assessment tool supports the interview processes, by identifying important behavioural information, that may indicate their suitability for a given role in your contact centre. Used at the early stage of the recruitment process, will enable better informed selection, resulting in higher performance and significantly reduced churn.

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Download a sample Sales report to understand how profiling works to help you hire and retain the best talent and fit for your company.

Benefits of SalesMatch



Recruit and onboard the best candidate for the role



Develop employees based on indepth data


Retain employees 


Sales Team Performance Increases

Primary Characteristics

We all have several character traits that influences our behaviour. This section provides an analysis of the most significant ones that govern and shape our natural and working behaviours.

Agent Style Overview:  Provides a more granular view of the contact centre process key elements, such as opening a telephone sale, fact finding, presenting and closing sales
Sales Role & Environment:  Some contact centre agents are better at new business, or relationship management and other as customer service/complaints. This guide is based on the psychometric output and suggests the best environmental fit for a new candidate or existing agent.
Natural Character Traits Table:  Based on the candidate’s psychometric assessment, this table provides a detailed list and measurements of many of the key character traits of the agent.
Key Motivator:  This is the primary factor that will drive and motivate a person
Basic Fears:  This is the primary factor that will unsettle and demotivate a person
Management Style:  Provides an insight into how this person will manage others or situations.
Communication Suggestions for Managers and Colleagues:  We all have a
different communication style, that is very important for managers to be
aware of. This section will provide vitally important information and guidance
on how to understand the best way to communicate with a person.
How this person may appear:  We all display individual visible character
traits. Knowing the ones that are likely to be seen in a particular profile is a
very useful information. This section provides that information and helps you
identify the character type of a contact centre agent.
Homeworking Character Traits:  With an increase in people expected to
spend more time working from home, it is vitally important to understand
that some people find this easier than other. This section will provide information of how an individual will react and how this can best be managed to avoid issues or stress.
Interview Questions:  Based on the contact centre report, we provide a list of
question specifically designed to probe areas of possible concern in a

SalesMatch Solution

 Reduces Agent Attrition - By selecting the right agent for the role

Increases Performance By matching the character profile to the task

Reduces Time Off A well matched profile to the role reduced work stress

Reduces Recruitment Costs - By early identification of the right candidates