Sales Team Psychometric Assessments

Why SalesMatch psychometric assessments are pivotal for recruiting and retaining top talent

Companies often face significant challenges in hiring the best sales people. Since you’re investing valuable time, money, and resources, you want to make sure you get it right the first time… but how can you truly know how a candidate will perform until they’re actually in the role?   

Finding the right salesperson requires a strategic approach rather than impulsive decision making. Snap judgment leads to biased decisions, it does not provide a clear picture and a great CV does not mean that a candidate will fit in well with your company’s brand and environment.  Considering there are a total of 48 different sales personality types, it becomes clear to understand that there really is no ‘one size fits all’ sales role. 

Utilising sales specific psychometric assessments and the 48 personality profiles helps enable managers to play to their sales team’s individual strengths and make the most of their unique potential.

Our personality traits impact our approach to our job, our willingness to learn new skills and our ability to build successful relationships. But just how important are those traits as predictors of sales success?  

 SalesMatch psychometric behavioural assessments eliminate guesswork from the hiring process and provide insights into a candidate’s character traits revealing relevant aspects of his or her personality.

Recruit and retain the right salespeople with SalesMatch psychometric assessments!

SalesMatch behavioural assessments offer a solution that provides in-depth and accurate insight into candidates behavioural style and motivators. This simple test is created to help you make more informed hiring decisions and boost sales performance.

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Benefits of SalesMatch



Recruit and onboard the best candidate for the role



Develop employees based on indepth data


Retain employees 


Sales Team Performance Increases

Primary Characteristics

We all have several character traits that influences our behaviour. This section provides an analysis of the most significant ones that govern and shape our natural and working behaviours.

Agent Style:  Provides a more granular view of the contact centre process key elements, such as opening a telephone sale, fact finding, presenting, closing a sales and a guide to the best fit contact centre environment.

Key Motivator:  This is the primary factor that will drive and motivate a person

Basic Fears:  This is the primary factor that will unsettle and demotivate a person

Management Style:  Provides an insight into how this person will manage others or situations.

Communication Suggestions for Managers and Colleagues:  We all have a different communication style, that is very important for managers to be aware of. This section will provide vitally important information and guidance on how to understand the best way to communicate with a person.

How this person may appear:  We all display individual visible character traits. Knowing the ones that are likely to be seen in a particular profile is a very useful information. This section provides that information and help you identify the character type of a contact centre agent.

Homeworking Character Traits:  With an increase in people expected to spend more time working from home, it is vitally important to understand that some people find this easier than other. This section will provide information of how an individual will react and how this can best be managed to avoid issues or stress.

Interview Questions:  Based on the contact centre report, we provide a list of question specifically designed to probe areas of possible concern in a candidate.

Sales Character Trait Grid:  Provides a detailed list and measurements of many of the key character traits of a salesperson. It also considers the main contact centre roles and examines the compatibility of a person to each of the roles.

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